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Dear Friend,

If you want to prevent, treat, heal from, and conquer cancer…

Then this is the most important invitation you’ll ever receive.

And because you watched The Answer to Cancer docuseries, it shows you’re serious about getting or staying cancer-free. There’s no doubt, this docuseries could save your life.

But there’s one challenge.

The docuseries reveals many cancer-fighting solutions… however, the information in it simply can’t answer every single question you have.

And that’s a big deal.

Because cancer is incredibly complex.

There is no “one thing” to do.

And the best solutions depend on your unique situation.

So which should you pick?

What’s the most effective plan of action for you to prevent, treat, or beat cancer?


What if a solution that sounded right for you… is 100% WRONG in your case?

Plus some treatments or other cancer-fighting secrets may have seemed hard to do or confusing.

You may want to know more about these cancer-fighters, but you don’t know where to start.

You may even think one of the solutions is too expensive… when actually there’s a way to make it affordable!

So if you want to fight cancer and win, you need answers to YOUR unique personal questions.

That’s why we created The Answer to Cancer Masterclass

Now, instead of wondering or worrying, you’ll get the answers to EVERY question you have.

And not just from anyone. For the first and only time, you’re going to get DIRECT ACCESS to all the top experts interviewed in The Answer to Cancer.

This is really amazing. Because these people are almost impossible to get hold of. Our team had to work for months to get interviews with these doctors and scientists.

They’re that in demand. And their calendars are so crammed, they rarely have a free minute.

But, because they’re so dedicated to helping people like you prevent, treat, and conquer cancer, they cleared time in their crazy schedules to be a part of this new life-saving Masterclass.


In this new Masterclass you’ll find out which types of cancer prevention are the most effective for you. Even better, they’ll be targeted for your unique body including your age, sex, family history, and much more!

You’ll also discover the best treatment protocols for you that combine conventional treatments with alternative treatments. All scientifically proven to be the most effective for your specific type of cancer.

So these experts can help you and your medical team put together a powerful and effective treatment protocol. They can even give you advice about where to find the right oncologist, naturopath, and other experts for your cancer-fighting team.

And if you’re healing from cancer, you’ll find out how to overcome symptoms, speed up your recovery, and feel like yourself again.

Most of all, you’ll have 20 TIMES MORE cancer-fighting power

20 times more? Yes!

Let me explain…

There are 22 sessions in The Answer to Cancer Masterclass.

Each session is packed with detailed answers to your personal questions, coming directly from the leading experts featured in The Answer to Cancer.

First, you’ll submit any questions that you thought of while you were watching the docuseries. Then these questions and answers will be featured in the 11 pre-recorded masterclass sessions.

Each session will be jam packed with the most advanced cancer-fighting information and will be the perfect complement to everything you learned in The Answer to Cancer.

Here's what you can expect in this masterclass series...

  • Week #1: featuring Dr. Beth Dupree
  • Week #2: featuring Jane Christiansen
  • Week #3: featuring Ryan and Teddy Sternagel
  • Week #4: featuring Dr. Mary Clifton
  • Week #5: featuring Dr. Kristi Funk
  • Week #6: featuring Cort Davis
  • Week #7: featuring John Hewlett
  • Week #8: featuring Jonh Malanca
  • Week #9: featuring Dr. Nalini Chilkov
  • Week #10: featuring Shawn Wells
  • Bonus Week #11: featuring Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy

But that’s not all.

Because we knew from experience that getting answers to your questions can lead to even MORE questions, we added 11 LIVE Q & A’s!

So you’ll get to talk directly to these top experts LIVE and ask them anything you need to know about the featured cancer-fighting topic!

And another big bonus…

You’ll also hear other people’s questions. And many of these questions may not have even crossed your mind.

Well, you’ll get those answers too! And one or more of those answers could change and even SAVE your life.

Even better, you won’t miss a thing.

Let’s face it, our lives today are busy and hectic. You may have some other demand on your time or a last-minute emergency that keeps you from attending one or more of the 22 Masterclass sessions.

Well, we’ve got you covered.

When you lock in this special offer today and join the exclusive group of people who will be part of The Answer to Cancer Masterclass, you’ll also get…

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  • 11 Videos of the Prerecorded Masterclasses: So you can watch and re-watch each session as many times as you want!
  • 11 Videos of the Live Q&As: So you can watch and re-watch each session as many times as you want!
  • 22 audio MP3s of each Masterclass Session: So you can listen to the sessions in your car, while taking a walk, or anywhere you go!
  • 22 written transcripts of each Masterclass Session: So if you prefer reading or want to double-check one “gold nugget” you heard during a session, you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips!

You'll be sent immediate access to your private members area for all masterclass updates the moment you purchase...

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Other health-related masterclasses out there only offer a fraction of the help and information included in ours… yet they’re priced at $2,000 to $3,000.

But you’re not going to spend anywhere near that.

That’s because we want to make it affordable and accessible to YOU. Making it available to the maximum number of people, rather than just the select few.

And by helping you, it also helps us to achieve our mission to dispel the misinformation about cancer.

When we release The Answer to Cancer Masterclass to the general public a few months from now, it will retail for $499.

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To your long, healthy life,

Dr. Patrick Gentempo


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  • 11 Masterclass Modules
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  • 11 LIVE Guest Expert Q&As
  • 22 Audio MP3s of Each Session
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  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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  • 11 Masterclass Modules
  • 11 Masterclass PDF Transcripts
  • 11 LIVE Guest Expert Q&As
  • 22 Audio MP3s of Each Session
  • Unlimited Access to ALL Recordings
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee